Many Multi Vitamins Are Not Good For You

I threw out my Centrum Multi Vitamins that i got for free this week after looking at the ingredients. Not only is Centrum a low quality multi vitamin, but I also looked at the vitamins that I was getting from the pill. The Centrum vitamins were loaded with non-essential heavy metals like magnesium and lead. These nonessential heavy metals contribute to cancer, kidney failure, and also take their toll on the brain.

Heavy Metals on the kidneys: 

Nonessential heavy metals cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), chromium (Cr) and platinum (Pt) are hazardous to your body. They are toxic even at very low doses. These metals are harmful because they have a very long half life, which means they stay active in the body for a long time. They also reabsorb and accumulate other metals like iron. The kidney is the first organ that is targeted by these elements. The damage that happens is correlated with the dose of the supplement and the amount of time that you have been taking it. Damage can range from kidney dysfunction to total failure.

Heavy Metals on the Brain:

Copper and Iron are the most common metal found in many multivitamins which increase risk of Alzheimer’s  disease. These metals show up in high amounts in the brain in people with Alzheimer’s.

Centrum Adults Under 50 contains more than twice the RDA of iron for men and 100 percent of the RDA for women. One A Day Women’s Active Mind & Body and One A Day Men’s Health Formula both contain more than double the RDA for copper.

Fun Fact: People who perform the highest on cognition tests actually have the lowest levels of copper and iron in their bloodstream.

Case in point we don’t need these nonessential compounds then why are we being them in high does for daily consumption.  I have decided to cut these compounds out of my diet entirely whenever possible.

I could probably just write a blog on the dangers of many supplements alone. For now I just wanted to give a brief look into the harmful effects of heavy metals.

Supplements I still take are  Trader Joes Salmon oil supplements, and NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU in Organic Olive Oil. Both are essential and they don’t cause me to feel ill.


Did you know that most New Yorker’s have a vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D is needed to maintain healthy bones, teeth. It support muscle function and provides immune support.

Vitamin D is essential for for healthy calcium and phosphorus levels








We don’t need to supplement them.  I tossed all of my pills in the garbage after I thought to look for this.


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