So I Decided to Detoxify My Life for 2017


I think it started with a magazine article somewhere about the chemicals in our household cleaners. I’m not sure what sparked my desire to cleanse my life of toxins, but how could having less chemicals in my life be a bad idea? As a New Yorker I get exposed to a wide array of toxins on a daily basis. I don’t want to play roulette with my life by adding more into the mix.

2017 ushers in my the year that I go toxin free. I wanted to start this blog to record my findings.  I am excited to see how this life change effects my overall health and well being. Will there be a noticeable difference?

Admittedly the first couple of weeks of January have not been perfect. I have accidentally eaten things that I did not know were toxic, and this will be a costly journey so I didn’t want to throw everything out at once. I have decided that I will use up what I have and all new products will be toxin free.

So here is what I have done so far:

I bought new face wash

I am replacing my face wash with Sheaterra Argan, Zafron & Camels Milk Brightening Facial Wash.

This product goes for $16 on amazon and has zero cancer concern, zero developmental and toxicity concern, zero allergy and immunotoxicity concern according to EWG.

Sure there are cheaper non-toxic soaps out there, but who wouldnt  be excited about smearing camels milk all over there face? The manufacture does claim that this product will brighten and even your skin tone.

I will update on the results.

I bought new dishwasher tabs

I am making my way through the last of my cascade complete tablets but I picked picked up eCover dishwashing tablets at Whole Foods Market. (coupon )


These tablets Green Certified, are totally toxin free, and have only a slight asthma and allergy concern reported by the EWG. Even the carton is made of 95% recycled products! My concern is that it won’t quite get my dishes as clean but we will see.

 I bought new Deodorant

I picked up new Purley Great Citrus deodorant from Amazon for $9.99. 


Now I tried Toms of Maine deodorant in the past and I hated it. It did absolutely nothing. I think that I have the same fear with this product but the reviews seem to be pretty promising other than this product not being travel friendly. This product contains no toxins and is pretty much non-hazardous to your health so it was worth giving it a go. As we all know most anti-presperiants and deodorants are pretty bad for you. Especially the anti-presperiants which contain aluminum. I’m lucky that I don’t sweat much and think I can just get by on a deodorant. Will review soon.

I bought New Shaving Cream

I bought this cream before I was able to find ratings for products but it is still clearly better than the other foaming creams from metal cans.

Just in case your didn’t know aerosol shaving creams contain surfactants chemicals. These chemicals allow for the gel to turn to foam, but they also coat your skin so that it is unable to moisturize itself. cContinued use of these chemicals lowers the skins ability to hydrate itself resulting in dry skin and premature aging. 

For this reason I picked up some cream in a tube. (I still haven’t used it). I bought Pacific Shaving Caffeinated Shaving Cream for $5.49 on Amazon.



This cream is free of chemicals found in aerosol cans and has the added benefit of caffeine which is claimed to decrease the occurrence of razor bumps. I was really sold on the caffeine part which is why I added some of this cream to my cart. This cream isn’t perfect and may still have some slightly hazardous ingredients but it’s definitely a step up from aerosol foaming gel cream.


I will not use Fabric Softener Anymore

After reading about the toxins found in many fabric softener brands, and how the softener itself is pretty unnecessary overall, I have decided to purge softeners from my life all together. I will be using wool dryer balls instead. Pretty much any dryer ball should be fine but I decided to pick up Handy Laundry’s 100% organic New Zealand wool balls just in case you were wondering. I got a bag of six large wool balls from amazon for $10.99.



Honestly I didn’t know what to expect from a wool ball in my dryer, but the results ended up being remarkable. My clothes did in fact dry faster, and there was considerably less lint in the trap. My clothes came out feeling clean and soft just as if I had used a chemical softener (minus the scent). I was so impressed with this product that I felt a little bummed that I just now learned about it in my 30’s. Wool dryer balls where have you been all of my life!

P.S. Based on the lint trap results I have also concluded that chemical fabric softness do in fact make your clothing wear out faster.

I changed my toothpaste

I changed my toothpaste a few months ago before I started the going clean challenge. I have gotten canker sores my whole life so I purposely sought out a toothpaste that did not contain Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). SLS is a soft tissue irritant that has been linked to causing those pesky sores to pop up. Especially if you are genetically unfortunate enough to experience them. 

I got a sample of Hello toothpaste at Target and instantly fell in love with the brand. I haven’t had a single sore since the switch. The toothpaste is also ADA approved, and it tastes great.

After a small experiment with the kids bubble gum flavor. I needed a change. Now I fully understand why those flavors are for “kids”. I felt like i was brushing my teeth in sugar and it was pretty gross, but your kids might like it. Nonetheless I am back to using my beloved mojito mint.


Lucky for me Hello toothpaste fit right in to my new non-toxic lifestyle. Hello contains no dyes, no parabens, no artificial sweeteners, no SLS, no triclosan, micro beads, and is vegan friendly. Packaging is PBA free and each tube comes in a recycled paper box. Hello offers a variety of flavors with fluoride and fluoride free. They even have one teeth whitening product, and flavors for kids. I recommend picking this up at target or on their website for the best deal.

The main concern for this product from the EWG is the fluoride which gives the product a total score of 3. Nonetheless fluoride is proven to protect against cavities so I won’t give that up. If you are more extreme than me you can always try one of their fluoride free products which got a score of 2.


So that’s if for new household products for now. Reviews to come.

I’m going to wrap up with a nutrition fact that I have learned since Jan 1st. 

I am trying to go 100% organic. I will not eat anything toxic or overly processed. I’m not concerned with sugars or fats at the moment, they are not an issue for me. I will however try to keep my fat and sugar intake to only naturally occurring fats and sugars.

I have accidentally eaten some toxic things since I started this quest.

My biggest finding was that rice contains inorganic arsenic which poses major health concerns. We have polluted the earth to the point where our ground water an soils contain large amounts of inorganic arsenic, which rice seems to be a sponge for. I found an interesting article detailing this problem here

Funny enough I found this out after enjoying a giant rice bowl from Poke Spot. I loved Poke  Spot, and I love rice! This finding is a total bummer for me as I now will have to cut out rice products in order to complete my going clean challenge.

Rice products that I will miss dearly:

  1. Poke spots bowls
  2. Risotto
  3. Rice in General
  4. Rice Krispies
  5. Nestle Crunch (which i probably had to give up anyway)
  6. Pirate Booty
  7. Skinny Pop

What will I do now?….

Farro will be my new rice


In case you don’t know what Farro is….

Farro is composed of wheat grains but it has a rice like texture to it. It’s actually really good for you and has a whopping 7G or protein per serving. That is great for a grain. I also make a mean will mushroom farro risotto with goat cheese. I recommend giving it a go.

Recipe here:

My organic feel good product of the week: 

Guayaki Yerba Mate


  1. It tastes great
  2. It comes in a glass container
  3. The Guayaki mission is to restore 200,000 acres of reinforces and to create 1,000 living wage jobs
  4. Great for the afternoon pick me up
  5. Only 100 calories per bottle
  6. USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher, Gluten Free, Non GMO, CCOF Organic, Certified B






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  1. Jay James says:

    Great information. Looking forward to reading about your results and your journey during this transition to the toxin free lifestyle. Good luck and hoping to read more!


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